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Are you finding that traditional recruitment methods are no longer yielding high calibre candidates? If so, you’re not alone, and Legal Headhunters are here to help.

Firstly, why is this?

The UK is currently experiencing high levels of employment which means two things for our workforce:

  • Fewer job-seekers in the legal sector are scrolling job boards and submitting CVs to agencies so their candidate pool is diminished.
  • Majority of senior and most talented candidates in the sector are happily employed and not actively searching for new roles.

These factors combined is why traditional recruitment agencies are not able to source the most talented individuals for senior roles.

How can Legal Headhunters help?

We are the senior legal recruitment experts. From experience, we know that the most successful senior legal professionals are more than likely to be in work and are happy. Happy employees aren’t searching for new roles and so are undetectable to recruitment agencies. Unlike agencies, we’ve adopted a process which allows us to target, identify and approach successful and talented individuals with your opportunity which means our candidate pool remains unaffected at all times.

Being able to tap these candidates on the shoulder and make them aware of your opportunity is, in a nutshell, how headhunting prevails in the recruitment of senior individuals.


We’re leaders in the legal arena and have achieved huge successes which translate to an unrivaled 93% completion rate for our headhunts. Our clients range from niche law firms to large corporates and public sector organisations, which demonstrates another key benefit of working with us – a flexible, personal service coupled with expert strategic solutions.

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