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Whether you’re looking to hire for senior, middle or lower salary level roles, we have effective legal recruitment solutions for your business. Click on the boxes below to expand and reveal information on each of our services. 

Retained Headhunting

The purpose of Retained Headhunting is to identify, approach and attract hard-to-find, successful and talented senior candidates to your role and organisation as a whole.

We research the most appropriate target companies based on a strategy agreed with the client. We then identify the highest achievers within those companies, with the right skill sets, qualities and personal attributes, and approach the best prospects proactively.

We introduce the idea of working for an alternative employer to these targeted individuals and make sure that their motives for moving are the right ones. It’s a complex set of goals, and it takes a team of experts working closely with you to realise them.

Although a more expensive and more thorough option to traditional recruitment techniques and agency searches, the client benefits from a far greater return on investment with better, more committed candidates and the peace of mind that we’ve delivered the best possible individual for their role.

Rushed hires often result in bad hires. Bad hires can cost companies up to 30% of the candidate’s first year’s salary not to mention detrimental affects on productivity, company culture, team dynamics and, very importantly, loss of valuable time.

For a full detailed breakdown of our Retained Headhunting service features and fee breakdown, you can download informative pdfs from our Download Portal here. 

Mid-Market Search

We understand that businesses still want the very best candidates available to them even for roles with lower salaries. This is why we’ve put together a hybrid recruiting solution for the £18-50k salary bracket and it’s called our Mid-Market Search.

Our Mid-Market Search is more comprehensive than the service offered by standard recruiters. It bridges the gap between a high-street recruitment agency and executive level headhunting services. We use headhunting techniques to give you the confidence that you’re recruiting the very best candidates available into important lower and mid-level salary roles, but, reduce exposure in terms of fees and project duration.

Key features include:

  • Job advertisement posted on our website.
  • Job boards searched for ready-to-go candidates.
  • A selection of passive candidates approached by a headhunter and made aware of your opportunity.
  • No placement, no fee guarantee.
  • Placement rework guarantee if candidate leaves in first three months.

For more information on our Mid-Market Search and how it compares with a Retained Headhunt, visit our Download Portal for access to quick, concise and safe pdf breakdowns. 

Talent Mapping

Our Talent Mapping service is an additional package that we offer to all existing and prospective clients.  

Perhaps you’re ahead of the game and have identified the need for a senior level recruitment drive in the near future? Or, maybe, you’ve worked hard to keep on top of your competitors, clients, customers and your market as a whole; but you feel more attention could be paid to the people in your industry?

How does it work?

  • Take stock of your current workforce and chart according to each employee’s skills, competencies and capabilities.
  • Create a map to show where your employees sit within the company based on their skill sets.
  • Identify what each employee brings to your business now and moving forward by analysing their talents and potential.
  • Repeat the same process for external candidates to gauge who could come in and have a positive effect on your organisation, thus, you have a ready-made external network of potential employees should they ever be needed.

How does Talent Mapping help me and my business?

Talent Mapping is very useful for any sudden changes to your workforce that leaves you with a sudden need for talented personnel. Aside from the contingency aspect of the service, you’ll also find it useful for supporting premeditated changes to your business such as succession planning, organisation restructuring and employee benchmarking.

Key benefits include:

  • Avoid the costly delays usually involved when replacing senior staff on short notice.
  • Gain an understanding of how talent is identified and measured by professionals.
  • Build a talent pipeline so you know exactly where desirable personnel are right now.
  • Know what factors of a particular role actually attract candidates to it.
  • Gain competitor insight.
  • Increase your market intelligence.
  • Maintain flexibility.

Talk to one of our consultants today on 020 7160 6996 if you’d like to know more about our Talent Mapping service. You can also find more handy hints and tips for hiring manager in our safe and secure Download Portal here. 

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